Your Giving in Action

Thank You!

Please see a part of Sister Sissy Corr’s heartfelt message of thanks to those donors who helped her get a truck to support the Boulangerie (Bakery) Project in Haiti. With the help of our generous donors, the Tri-Province Development Office raised $51,976, which more than met the need! The original plan to buy a box truck was modified to fit the needs of this important mission. The wonderful response enabled the Bakery Project to get the needed truck and take the first steps towards the water project – read more below.

New Truck for the Haiti Bakery Project!
A Big Load of Flour for the Bakery!
Truck loaded with bread to go to the Sellers!

“Just this week we picked up our new truck in Port Au Prince.  As I mentioned, we changed our plan and decided to get a pick up truck because it would be more useful.  As you can see from the picture the guys quickly put it to full use.  They promptly went to the flour depot and picked up our order for 100 sacks of flour! 

Oh, the joy, I can’t describe it.  The only quality that surpasses our joy is gratitude!  ….  This is and will be such an invaluable asset for our Notre Dame Bakery.  This is the first use.  We will send other pictures when we pick up our other ingredients for baking or when we pile 500 bags of bread for delivery to Our Sellers in LaSavan. 

The Haitian community and the Sisters of Notre Dame thank you.  …

I personally am overwhelmed by your generosity.  I have seen a lot of poverty in my service years, but this is the toughest situation I have faced.  Your generosity helps me to keep going.  It also especially helps the Haitian workers to keep striving as a young community business, and to work toward a bright future for all their families.  Soon we will build a small building to house our next dream:  the water project.  Your funding will help us get started…” [Sister Sissy is starting a project to bring clean water to the bakery and La Savan in a self-sustaining way.]


In response to the 2019 Lenten appeal, generous donors in the Tri-Province Development area helped us raise $27,795 to help offset the cost of tuition for families affected by the gas explosion and fire in Lawrence, MA.

Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School is a very special school, serving many low income students. Through its Corporate Work Study Program, students from low income families are able to take a full course load of college preparatory work for four years, contingent upon their working one day each week in a professional setting to fund a portion of their tuition. This model has proven to be extremely successful for young people. Since the school opened by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 2004, students have been so well developed through this program that a vast number of them, after graduating from college, return to work full-time for the companies where they did their internships. They are dedicated to working hard and becoming adults who make a difference in society.

While the high school itself was not affected by the explosion many families of students were displaced, and lacked hot water, heat, adequate electrical powr for months. Many parents suffered unemployment due to the impact of the explosion on local businesses. +

As a result of your donations, the school and the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur were able to help families by supporting the cost of their tuition, so that they could use the funds they had to meet other essential needs.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors and friends, we were able to renovate the Sisters’ beloved screened-in porches at Villa Julie Residence! They are safe for use once again, and the perfect area to enjoy the breeze and scenery without having to exit the building.

We hope you enjoy the photos below!

Sisters enjoying the newly renovated porches at Villa Julie.
Sisters enjoying the newly renovated porches at Villa Julie.
Newly renovated second story porch on the back end of Villa Julie
The view from the screened-in porch at Villa Julie.
View of the exterior of the two-story screened-in porch at Villa Julie.