Sister Marcella Jordan at Christ House, Washington, DC

Sister Marcella has spent most of her years in ministry at Christ House, a home for men who are poor, sick and homeless.  Across time, she has served as Social Worker, Chaplain, Spiritual Life Minister, and convener and moderator of community meetings among the men and staff.

Currently, Marcella leads weekly Communal Prayer and is the constant visitor –each and every day with each of the men.

Sister Marcella reflects on her life with these men as follows:

I ask myself the following question each day.  
What would I have done if no one was there for me in the time of need,  
Namely in childhood, and now in my adult life.  
Now I know clearly why I love these men so deeply.  
And so I sing:  This is my story, this is my commitment, this is my song –  
Loving these men all the day long. 

Marcella, SNDdeN